Company culture

Milestone of Allonward

2011   > in March,Allonward was awarded the Certificate for Contracting Foreign Construction Projects by Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, the international hydropower equipment EPC contracting market was developed on a higher platform.

           > In April, certificate of ISO9001:2008 was approved for updating.

2010   > in January, the head-office of company moved to Changsha high tech development zone. 

           > In March, the company completed the shareholding reform, and changed its name to Hunan Allonward Hydro-Generating Equipment Co.,Ltd.; 

           > In April, our company was approved as the fourth batch of intellectual property rights advantage cultivation enterprises in Hunan province by the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office. 

           > In October, a wholly owned subsidiary company named Allonward Hydro-Generating Equipment (Hongkong)Co.,Ltd. Was founded in Hongkong; 

           > In October, the company Allonward Hydro-Generating Equipment Co.,Ltd. Shaoyang branch company was founded;

           > In December, the company became the core member of International Federation of small hydropower center; 

2009   > In August, the company set up offices in Changsha, the R&D center & marketing center moved to Changsha office;

           > In December, the company was identified as high-tech enterprise by the Hunan provincial Science and Technology Department, the National Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, and the Hunan Provincial Finance Department ;

2008   > In December, the Allonward brand was awarded as Hunan Famous brand products; 

2007   > In January, the subsidiary company of Allonward Hydro-Generating Equipment Co.,Ltd. Was founded in Yongan Industrial Park, Liuyang city;

           > In February, the company was approved for Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export; 

           >In October, the turbine & generator unit exported by our company enter the Southeast Asian market, the company opened a new chapter in the international strategy; 

2005   > In April, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification;

          > In August, the company joined the China Electrical Industry Association, the hydropower equipment branch;

2004   > In October, the company re-organized and founded Hunan Allonward Hydro-Generating Equipment Co.,Ltd, and the company glowed the new vitality;

1976   > The predecessor of the company - the State Shaoyang General machinery factory was founded;