Chairman’s Speech

 How beautiful the rural scenery was with warm sunshine, blue sky, white cloud, green grass, running brook and clear spring water! Flying around the world by dancing white-cloud, sitting on the bridge over a brook while listening to the croak, what wonderful harmonious rhythm it was! It would relax you and purify your soul when you were impatient and confused by temporal affairs.

Nowadays, environment concerns are more and more serious, such as deforestation, plundering resources, desertification of arable land, soil erosion, mountain torrents, hurricane threat, and emission of green house gases, ozone holes, and extinction of some species and so on. The nature begins to punish mankind, the natural disasters ravage everywhere, it seems that there will not be much prospect for mankind.

My favorite is blue sky in this immeasurable and rich-variance universe. And I enjoy white one among colorful clouds. Therefore, for the purpose of harmonious coexistence between people and nature, Allonward determines to set our sights higher and aim for continuous improvements in the manufacture field of recyclable clean energy- hydroelectric equipments.

We are deeply aware that we couldn’t improve enterprise’ popularity and reputation and couldn’t win customer loyalty unless we continuously exceed customer expectations. We also know that service is to impress customers with our sincerity as well as remove their worries! What’s more, we should perceive customer needs at all times in order to create new markets and achieve success!

Every era has its great declaration which reflects the soul of era and bears the mission of mankind. Bearing responsibility, honor and hope, we are looking forward to endeavoring for a brighter prospect with you. Our company – Allonward declares to the world: “Developing environment friendly energy, improving living environment”.