Switchgear compromise HV distributing cabinet, outdoor circuit breaker, disconnector, LV switchgear, distribution board, switch box, and control box etc., it also known as primary electrical equipment. Switchgear is mainly used for switching on-off, control and protecting  electric equipment during generating, transmission, distribution and electricity transformation for power system. It is classified by outdoor and indoor type, as well as closed air protection type(CIS, can be placed indoor or outdoor). Outdoor switchgear are independent installation, such as circuit breaker, disconnector, transformer etc; Indoor switching equipment placed inside switchgear normally, components inside switchgear mainly contains circuit breaker, disconnector, load switch, operating mechanism, transformer, and each kinds of protecting device. Switchgear is classified by removable type and fixed type according to circuit breaker installation method; it can be divided into open type switch cabinet, metal enclosed switch cabinet, and metal enclosed armored type switch cabinet as per cabinet body structure; it can divided into HV switch cabinet, MV switch cabinet, and LV switch cabinet etc as per different voltage grade. It can be divided into LV switch equipment(400V and below), MV switch equipment(10KV), HV switch equipment(above 35KV) as per voltage grade. Our company can provide switchgear for various specifications and types according to clients requirements.